I'm a former newspaper reporter who still likes to recount what I've recently seen. I'll leave fiction writing to others. My take is the wry side of real life, exploring, observing, weighing in.

Here on my personal site, I’m posting a few essays and shorter blogs too. They’re my reflections on small things that I hope tell a bigger story. Sure, I’ll offer a few opinions. But mostly I’ll aim for humorist over hothead. I like an ironic twist. Straight up, not neat.

In my professional life, I’m seeking opportunities to lead Communications and PR, or to work as a writer and content creator. More on LinkedIn and in my bio.

My other content is a gallery of iPhone photos, mostly taken on NYC sidewalks, underground or on the road, then shared on Instagram with captions I love to write. Lately my visual muse is the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge bordered by the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

But of course, I could be anywhere.


Featured Writing

Getting a Handle on @joanatstake

I'm no heretic and I certainly don't know any saints. So why joanatstake? A burning love for wordplay, I suppose. It felt like the right name to let creative sparks fly. Plus, I’m clear on what’s at stake as I channel creative energy into these pages.