Sweet 15 - A Hound's Farewell

I have decided to treat my dog like a celebrity.

Taking full consideration of Roxy’s greatness, and of her failing senses and joints, I am writing her obituary in advance.

It’s a eulogy, really. And it’s written in these the true dog days of August 2018, when I can be more lucid than I am likely to be when I need this - for real- on (insert date) January 11, 2019 which is now, of course, today.

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Hooked on a Feeling

Job-by-Job Series

The Starlight Roof at the Waldorf Astoria had such a dreamy name that I didn’t question my hard-hitting journalistic assignment there. Body Fashions Intimate Apparel magazine was holding a fashion show and my first job was to hook the bras of every wan and gangly model as she lined up for her trip down the runway. 

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Slowly I Turn, Job by Job: A Look Back at (Mis) Adventures at Work


Lately, the head-trip of imagining my next work life has set me on an altogether different mental journey. Along with conjuring up each future job in my mind’s eye, I’ve begun to look back on every job I’ve had.

In this funky retrospective, I’m not reflecting on the stuff of resumes or performance reviews. Not accomplishments, achievements, goals. There’s a space for that, when professionally required. Instead, I’m culling the quirky or kooky, channeling the minor sidetracks, not major milestones.

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